Support Groups & Workshops

We host energizing and informative workshops that are provided for communities, associations, workplace and conferences.

Workshops provide education on mental health and wellness.

Lori has provided workshops at various workplace settings.
The topics can range from the following:

• Stress management
• Communication
• Compassion Fatigue
• Navigating the Healthcare System
• Conflict Resolution
• How to work through Anger
• How to work through Grief

Support groups are a great way to be able to encourage camaraderie amongst people who are working through a similar situation. Furthermore, it is also a wonderful source of information as others who have gone through a similar circumstance get to learn about other coping mechanisms others have used or helpful resources. Support groups are a great way to not feel alone in tackling the issue at hand. There is a sense of community where everyone impacts another in a positive way.

Currently, there are not set support groups running but please stay tuned for further information. If you are curious about having a certain support group or if a support group would be running in line with your interest, please e-mail me at I would love to hear about your interests.