Being in the middle of a conflict within the family, colleagues or acquaintances is not easy sometimes it’s even harder to shoulder it on your own.

Bridging Dialogue Consulting doesn’t want you to feel that you have to work it out on your own. You would have access to professional assistance from a neutral facilitator who would be able to assist you to working through these heart-wrenching conflicts.

The issues that can be addressed through this service are the following:
• family disputes
• couple disputes

It is difficult to keep hanging on to resentment, ill-feelings and bitterness against someone. It is even harder to come to a solution when it feels like you are the opposing team and no matter what is said or done you feel like you will never get to a resolution.

In cases where you need to preserve the relationship due to familial relationship, working relationship or the need to develop community, it is worthwhile to invest in a mediator who would be able to assist with your conflict.

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Conflict Resolution Richmond Hill