Richmond Hill Depression & Anxiety Counselling

Are you feeling unmotivated and withdrawing from things you used to enjoy? Are you fearing the worst is yet to come? If so, let’s talk about these stuck feelings and look at coping mechanisms.

Are you feeling the following depressed feelings?Are you feeling alone, nobody understands you, no motivation to meet others or feeling hopelessness?
There may be a chance you are suffering from depressed feelings. The stuck feeling can be immobilizing. However, you don’t have to feel like change is never going to happen and you are never going to be satisfied. You can work through these challenges. You can find a way to let go and embrace a healthier and satisfied you. Simply call Bridge Dialogue to find out how…

Are you feeling anxious?
Do you feel find yourself worrying about the worst-case-scenario being reality? Are you frequently overwhelmed about multiple tasks to do? Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Are you usually self-conscious about how others think about you or what they say about you? Are you finding yourself to be frequently irritable or restless? Are you experiencing panic attacks? Are you experiencing gastrointestinal problems? If you say ‘yes’ to a majority of the above questions there may be a chance you may be suffering from anxiety.

It can feel insurmountable; it would not get better by continuing to feel anxious. On the other hand, you can learn to accept and recognize these feelings with researched methods to assist you with working through anxious feelings by contacting Bridge Dialogue to find out how…

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